MLK 2We watched Selma tonight. It’s painful to see the way people mistreat and abuse other human beings.

One of the things that struck me tonight was the way many Christian whites were blind to what was happening. Or worse, they participated in the injustice, the hatred, and the cruelty.

And I can’t help but wonder if I have a blindness, too. Am I oblivious to injustice in some ways? Are there times when I stand back and watch when I ought to be doing something to make a difference? Do I care about people who are hurting? Do I care enough?


Author: Paul Linzey

After pastoring in Southern California, I went into the Army as a chaplain. Now retired from the military, I'm focusing on writing, speaking, and mentoring. The overall theme of my work is Biblical Principles for Life, as applied to relationships, spirituality, career, and stewardship of one's life.

3 thoughts on “Selma”

  1. Problem with many white Christians in the U.S.A. is that many of them were and still are fundamental right wing Christians, of which many even have Nazi tendencies. Lots of them do not seem to read the full Bible correctly but to take only some phrases out of context. Strangely enough they themselves calling themselves Christian do not keep themselves to the teachings of the one they should follow, Jesus Christ. they made that Nazarene man into their god and have taken the right to themselves to play for god, often also being convinced they themselves have the right to take the life of somebody else. Though a real Christian should know that all judgement belongs to Jesus, the son of God, and to his heavenly Father, the Only One True God of gods, who demands respect for all His creatures (all sorts of humans, no matter of what skin colour, culture or religion, all sorts of animals and plants).

    Films tackling the problem of segregation, discrimination and how we should cope with each other, can only hopefully open some more eyes and get people to think more and better about such facts of reality, and about the way we should behave and treat others.

    Christians should be an example, following the best example of the most loving person in the world, the Essene Jew and dark skinned (Palestinian) man of flesh and blood who was open and friendly for everybody and gave his life for the sins of all.

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