Lightning Queen


For the past week, we’ve been watching season one of the Route 66 TV show, which aired in the early ’60s, part of our research into the various ways the Main Street of America impacted the popular culture. We had to watch some of it. Tonight, however, we decided to watch Cars. Apparently, The Mother Road was the inspiration for the Pixar team that created the stories about Lightning McQueen and his escapades.


In keeping with the Cars theme, this morning we went to a local park for a photo shoot of Linda’s car, which, by the way, she nicknamed Lightning Queen the day she brought her home.


While we were at the park, this bird came walking by. My sports-car-lovin’ wife hollered, “Help me herd this bird over to the car so he can be in the picture.” Poor bird! He just wanted to keep walking. Linda stood in front of him to keep him from going one way, so he turned and came towards me. I directed him towards the car, but he wanted to go a different way, so Linda ran over and blocked that path. Finally, he was close enough to get a few pictures.


After a while, he got tired of our telling him where to go. Suddenly, he flapped his wings and flew off to a different part of the park. It was fun . . . for us, anyway! And now, let’s go watch the movie!



Author: Paul Linzey

After pastoring in Southern California, I went into the Army as a chaplain. Now retired from the military, I'm focusing on writing, speaking, and mentoring. The overall theme of my work is Biblical Principles for Life, as applied to relationships, spirituality, career, and stewardship of one's life.

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