Linzey-cover-v4 Preliminary“I encourage you to read this book prayerfully, thoughtfully, and humbly. Just be sure you don’t start reading until you have ample time, because you won’t want to put this book down.”

From the Foreword by Dr. Richard Blackaby, President of Blackaby Ministries International, Co-author of Experiencing God and Experiencing God Day-By-Day


“These amazing experiences provide a powerful textbook for anyone desiring to know what a military chaplain does in war.”

Brigadier General Doug Lee, Retired Army Chaplain, Former Endorser, Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains

“This is a book I highly recommend to my students working toward their Master of Divinity to become military chaplains.”

Dr. Keith Travis, Retired Army Chaplain (COL), Professor of Chaplaincy at Liberty Divinity School, Assistant Faith Group Endorser, Liberty Baptist Fellowship, Former Faith Group Endorser, Southern Baptist Convention

“As a former active duty chaplain and denominational endorser, I especially recommend this book for military chaplains and those training to become military chaplains. A true masterpiece!”

Colonel Scott McChrystal, Retired Army Chaplain, Former Chaplain Endorsing Agent, Assemblies of God

Medallions Side By Side

Safest Place in Iraq shows how one military chaplain effectively handled the dangers, circumstances, and people he encountered during his war-time deployment in South Central Iraq.

The result is a story that ranges from death and destruction to friendship and faith, and from temptation and torment to redemption and revival. The author identifies the broad themes that everyone—both Christian and non-Christian—has to deal with when the going gets tough.

He also shows by example what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles, whether dodging mortars in the desert, or fighting fear, loneliness, and temptation at home or at work. And in the process, Safest Place in Iraq shows that it is possible to remain true to one’s values and calling as a person of faith in a hostile world.

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Additional Endorsements:

“Gripping . . . compelling . . . the story of a calling from God and the indelible mark of true faith. Paul’s story will bless you and help you realize that no matter where you are, or whatever challenges you face, trusting in God is the Safest Place.”

Chaplain, Colonel, Ronald A. Casteel, US Army Chaplain, Retired, Former Command Chaplain, U.S. Army Reserve Command

“This power-packed memoir by Chaplain Linzey has brought the realities of war from somewhere in the small headlines to the front page of our consciousness.”

Bill Hartman, Pastoral Care Coordinator at Deltona Alliance Church, Deltona, FL, Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired

“When Paul Linzey deployed, he asked our inner-city church to track with him and pray for him. The people in our congregation spend their lives on a different sort of battlefield but one just as dire, and they still strongly resonated with Paul’s life and death ministry over there.”

Jack LaPietra, Pastor, New Life in Christ Church, Lakewood, CO, Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Reserve, Retired

“You’ll be drawn into this book from the first page. You will read about Pastor James, the miracle when a Ukrainian solider was saved, and Mac, a cop from Philadelphia who only wanted a Bible of his own, and finally saw Jesus in a new way. Safest Place in Iraq will leave a lasting impression and give you a deeper appreciation for our men and women in the armed services, and how God always provides.”

Del Duduit, Author of Buckeye Believer and Dugout Devotions

“I recommend Paul’s book as a testimony to how God used a humble man in reaching so many with His love.”

Chaplain Mike DuCharme, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

“It’s easy to wonder where God is when the world breaks out in war. Tragedies often make people question the love of God or even the existence of God. But Colonel Paul Linzey makes it very clear that even in the greatest uncertainties of life, God makes a difference for those who turn to Him.

Jim Ayers, Retired Pastor and District Official, Assemblies of God

“Great story. The writing jumps out such that I could see the movements, hear the mortars, feel the love & crisis fear, experience the emotions of personal ministry. Captivating!”

Steven O. Langehough, PhD, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Executive Director, Arms of Agape, Inc., Getting Back on Track Counseling, Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired

“Each chapter is its own intriguing story. The book will take mere hours to read, yet what you read will change your life.”

S. Eugene Linzey: Former Pastor of Christian Family Church, Taos, NM, Former President of Siloam Springs Writers Guild, Siloam Springs, AR

“Throughout this war, everyone was riveted to their televisions watching the chaos and bloodshed, but what was not seen on the networks was how God was working and using military Chaplains to serve the force in the most critical moments of their lives. This book does an amazing job of opening a window, revealing to us that God was actively working in what some would mistakenly call a god forsaken region.”

Chaplain, Colonel, Mack Griffith, US Army, Retired Associate Endorser for the Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains

“This book takes you through the journey of finding peace in the chaos of war. A must read for every person experiencing a loved one’s deployment.”

J.D. Wininger, Christian Author, Former USSOCOM Operator

“As I turned the pages of this book, I was moved by a real man, telling a real story, about a real God. In moments of doubt and questioning, a word from God that echoes in a believer’s heart brings more security and courage than a powerful army at Camp Echo.”

Dr. Mark J. Anthony, Lead Pastor of Trinity Church & School, Sharpsburg, GA