Lightning Queen


For the past week, we’ve been watching season one of the Route 66 TV show, which aired in the early ’60s, part of our research into the various ways the Main Street of America impacted the popular culture. We had to watch some of it. Tonight, however, we decided to watch Cars. Apparently, The Mother Road was the inspiration for the Pixar team that created the stories about Lightning McQueen and his escapades.


In keeping with the Cars theme, this morning we went to a local park for a photo shoot of Linda’s car, which, by the way, she nicknamed Lightning Queen the day she brought her home.


While we were at the park, this bird came walking by. My sports-car-lovin’ wife hollered, “Help me herd this bird over to the car so he can be in the picture.” Poor bird! He just wanted to keep walking. Linda stood in front of him to keep him from going one way, so he turned and came towards me. I directed him towards the car, but he wanted to go a different way, so Linda ran over and blocked that path. Finally, he was close enough to get a few pictures.


After a while, he got tired of our telling him where to go. Suddenly, he flapped his wings and flew off to a different part of the park. It was fun . . . for us, anyway! And now, let’s go watch the movie!



The Countdown Begins!

1On Sunday July 1, my wife and I are taking off. First on the itinerary is to stop by Bowling Green, KY to visit the Corvette Plant & Museum. Linda might also do a few laps on the Corvette Racetrack. From there, we’ll go to Western Illinois to visit her sister and celebrate the 4th of July. Then on July 5, we drive to Chicago for the official start of our Route 66 Road Trip.

 Shield ColorFollowing the lyrics of Bobby Troup’s song, “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” sung originally by Nat King Cole, we plan to spend at least one night in each city named in the song. Saint Looey, Joplin, and Oklahoma City. Amarillo, Gallup, and Flagstaff — not forgetting Winona, of course! On to Kingman, Barstow, and San Bernardino. And then finally Los Angeles.

We’ve made a list of things we want to do, places to visit, and sights to see along the way. And I want to take pictures. There’s even a good chance that we’ll try to post something on Facebook or on this blog at each stop.


This trip has been a long time coming. When we were kids, we watched the Route 66 TV show. Linda has loved sports cars ever since she was a little girl, riding in a convertible with her uncle. Now, we finally have a chance to motor west on Route 66, and we even get to drive the Mother Road in a Corvette. Just a few more days til we leave!