Q & A

If you or a friend has a question that you’d like to ask, please feel free to click on the Connect page. Your question may be about anything: marriage, parenting, work, God, church, weight loss, temptation, education, butterflies . . . anything.

Dr. Linzey will maintain confidentiality, and will post his answers on this Q & A page.


Question: Are you willing to speak in a church or a marriage seminar?

Answer: Definitely. Please send me an email or a message through the Contact page, letting me know what you have in mind. I’d love to do that.

Question: We live in Utah and just bought the book. Any chance we can get it autographed?

Answer: Certainly. I can mail you a signed label to put on the inside of the book. Or you can mail it to me, I’ll sign, then return it to you. Or we can wait til we’re going to be in your area and arrange to get together.

Question: Do you ever tell your stories about what happened in Iraq?

Answer: Yes. I’ve spoken in many churches about the amazing answers to prayer, people coming to faith in Christ, and some rather awesome experiences while I was a military chaplain. In fact, this is the subject of a book I am currently writing.

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