Terry Raburn 4

Terry Raburn, Superintendent, Peninsular Florida District, Assemblies of God

I recommend WisdomBuilt Biblical Principles of Marriage without hesitation, and am grateful to have a copy for use in assisting couples in staying together and staying happy. I often work with marriages in deep distress. Many resources offer help, but are theoretical or “ivory tower” perspectives that lack the valuable element of Biblical Truth and proven experience. WisdomBuilt is a superior resource for couples.

Dr. Linzey builds a solid foundation from Scripture, then adds constructive material which offers wisdom for building a strong and healthy marriage, a lasting relationship, and answers for marital problems. He and his wife, Linda, use their experiences and prayer-saturated victories to provide principles for building a marriage that will last a lifetime. They offer Godly wisdom which will help any couple renew their love, revive respect, and maintain a strong relationship. I am confident this book will be extremely helpful. Dr. Linzey has my blessing to offer himself and his material to our pastors and congregations.

Jeff & Barb Hall Pic Holding WisdomBuilt


Jeff & Barb

Look what Amazon delivered today! We’re looking forward to reading it together. We’ve always been grateful for the wisdom you shared with us in the past. PS How do we get this autographed?



Roger & Michelle 2

Roger & Michelle

This weekend we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary (seems like so many more to both of us). Such a beautiful weekend, filled with walks, iced coffee at our favorite beach, romantic dinner in town, and lots of downtime just cuddling and being together. Never before have I felt so loved and so cherished. I ADORE this man.                                    

Books on Table

Today our marriage books arrived, hot off the press, authored by my dear Uncle (also the one who married us). I love the way my Aunt and Uncle live life together; I have always looked up to them and admired the marriage they’ve built. Looking forward to diving in to those books. Awe yes… I am BLESSED.


New Book

Mack & Kaylin

It seems as if we’ve been waiting for this book for 2 years! Finally got it in the mail today and we cannot wait to start reading it. These two are the real deal when it comes to marriage and we’ve been so blessed to have them as mentors!

If your marriage is great or if your marriage is struggling, I cannot recommend this book enough . . . .


Brook Amos

My wife ordered my dear friend Paul Linzey’s recently published book, WisdomBuilt Biblical Principles of Marriage. I just finished it and I’m thoroughly enlightened and blessed by it. I highly recommend it, not only because he’s my friend, but because it truly is an outstanding read. His insights are well-founded, rooted in Scriptural principles as well as his many years of experience as a pastor, and a military chaplain. His University of Tampa MFA in Creative Writing has surely paid off. Mindy and I will be digging into this together.

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RIch Guerra

Rich Guerra, Superintendent, SoCal Network, Assemblies of God

I highly recommend WisdomBuilt Biblical Principles of Marriage. This practical and readable volume will enrich and strengthen marriage relationships. What makes this such a relevant book is the way Paul integrates insights from current research and the best of psychological studies—underscoring the reality that “all truth is God’s truth.” This will be valuable for any couple to read and study together as they strive for a healthy relationship. And, for church leaders wanting a great small group resource to enhance the marriages in their congregations, this book is a winner!

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Sig & Becky Fertig

We had some rocky times. But because we watched Paul and Linda live a Godly, Christian marriage, we gratefully accepted their counsel . . . and it saved our marriage.


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Dr. Paul J. Kramer, LMFT, President, Remarkable Marriage & Family Institute

Dr. Linzey offers a fresh perspective about the power of scripture as it pertains to married life, and practical solutions to common marital challenges. He will have you thinking one minute and laughing the next. Definitely on my list of books to recommend to couples I counsel. Couples need biblical wisdom in order to successfully navigate the changes of life and the storms they will encounter along the way.

Colonel Rob Noland, US Army Chaplain, Retired

I have had the privilege of knowing Paul Linzey for several years. He brings his knowledge of the Bible and skill as a writer to his years of experience as a Pastor and Army Chaplain, and creates WisdomBuilt, a book on the Biblical Principles of Marriage. This is a must read for any couple preparing for marriage and a resource for those couples who are looking to strengthen their relationship.