The past couple of years, I’ve been getting into digital photography: reading about it, talking with other photographers, practicing various camera settings. Linda got me a helpful book for Christmas, and a nice camera for my birthday. Here are some of the pics I’ve taken recently.


I love the curvy wave of this country warehouse. The roof line and walls have lost so much strength that they’re sagging and bowing. We discovered this at Fort Reno, OK a couple months ago. To be honest, the main reason I wanted to visit Fort Reno was because of my friend whose last name is Reno.


Also at Fort Reno, this beautiful little chapel. It was a place of worship for German and Italian detainees during WWII. To this day, there’s an annual celebration for Germans and Italians around Christmas time.

Salisbury Avon Toll House

cropped-bldg-21.jpgWhile in Salisbury, England with my wife and her Study Abroad students, we had dinner at an outdoor restaurant right on the River Avon.  After walking across the bridge, we looked down and saw this boathouse. We loved the scene.


Oxford CS Lewis Pond Watercolors

Near CS Lewis’s home in Oxford, England, there’s a pond with a walking trail around the perimeter. I call this photo Water Colors.

Kew Allium

Kew Gardens, England: Allium is a member of the onion family. The bee wasn’t on the flower until  at first. Then just as I was ready to click, it landed on the flower.


We discovered this old Chevy in front of the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri, while driving Route 66 “from Chicago to LA.”


Route 66: winding through the Arizona desert on its way to California.