Should I Give This to a Friend?

I got this email through my website yesterday:

Hi,  Paul. A friend loaned me a copy of your book and I read it. I enjoyed it, so I bought a couple of copies. My pastors wants to read it. Here’s my question: I have a friend who served in Iraq some time ago, maybe 15 years ago or more. He did lose some friends and saw action that had casualties. Do you think this book would be appropriate to offer for him to read? Would it bring some perspective or healing? Or take him back to relive the horrors of war? I would appreciate your input.

And here’s what I wrote back to him:

Hello, friend. Great to get your email. Thank you. I think the book would be a good thing for your friend to read. While it mentions some of the painful stuff and the danger, it also shows how some of us processed the PTSD and got better. The Lord is a huge part of that, and I think it could be helpful for your friend. I’ve had a chance to talk with other veterans who went through some pretty horrible experiences, and they told me it was helpful. So go ahead and share it with him, and tell him he’s welcome to give me a call or an email if he wants to talk about his experiences over there.

The man’s pastor wants to read the book, which leads me to say this: Anyone looking for a book to use for a book group, a Bible study, or a home group discussion might consider using Safest Place in Iraq. There are discussion questions in the back. Plus, there’s a separate study guide. Consider using it in your group or at your church.

4 Replies to “Should I Give This to a Friend?”

  1. Hey Brother Paul, Love to hear this from you. I have loaned out my copy to a friend and I think I will not get it back 😉

    But that’s ok, This means I will be ordering a new copy.

    I think I will see if in the fall I can start a vets small group.

    Thanks for the email and suggestion.

    Blessings, Hermano Charles

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  2. In my opinion, Safest Place in Iraq is the best book published this year. It will also enable civilian families to understand their military family members. I believe all military personnel and each military family member should read it. One further thought: every member of congress should read if, too.


  3. “Hooah” Chaps. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve given out; but will continue to do so. God’s blessings sir.


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