Museum of the Bible

We had heard about the Museum of the Bible, and definitely wanted to experience it. The first section we visited was bout the Bible’s impact on America’s early history, culture, and development as a nation. Oh my goodness! The information was well researched, fascinating, and powerful.

Did you know that the first Bible published in North America was printed in 1663 at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But it wasn’t in English because the British had a law that any book in English had to be printed in England. The first Bible was written in the Algonquin language. Many of the founding fathers had Bibles and often quoted from them. In fact, the Bible helped shape our laws, policies, values, and culture.

The next section focused on the impact of the Bible throughout the world. There was an extensive display that demonstrated the influence of the Bible in just about every sphere of life: science, education, medicine, prison, politics, humanitarianism, the arts, civil rights, and more.

On one of the levels, we discovered several Tiffany stained glass windows: beautiful works of art that portrayed religious scenes or people of the New Testament. There was also the famous painting of George Washington, kneeling in the snow next to his horse, eyes closed, hands folded, and praying.

Moving to one of the higher floors, we enjoyed the Old Testament immersive experience with displays and films showing key moments and experiences of the people of God. Then we got to walk through the village of Nazareth, built to demonstrate what life was like in the first century.

The top deck provides a view of several prominent buildings in Washington DC, especially the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, The National Cathedral, The Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress.

The restaurant on the 6th floor wasn’t open yet, but the cafe on the 2nd floor was really good. There were several exhibits and movies we didn’t see during our first visit, so we plan to return a few more times so we can take it all in.

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