Marital Mistakes

Mistake #1: It’s not going to rain, I’ll ride my motorcycle to the store.

Mistake #2: After the rain subsided, I made it to my bike not too wet. Then I rode home, and drove right back into the storm, arriving totally soaked.

Mistake #3: Agreeing to my wife staying an extra week with our son, whose wife just had a baby. Had she come home with me, we would have both gone to the store, and we would have been in the car, and I wouldn’t have gotten drenched.

Mistake #4: Therefore, it’s my wife’s fault I got soaked.


4 Replies to “Marital Mistakes”

  1. Isn’t it funny how “the human mind” can always find its way to “… it’s their fault.” LOL. Whoever “they” are or “it” is, it seems we are conditioned from birth to deflect blame onto others. For me, “It’s not my fault my clothes are tight, that darned dryer keeps shrinking them.” If honest with myself, it was that half a bag of potato chips I ate while watching NASCAR Sunday afternoon. As to your post, perhaps one should consider their environment before deciding to ride a motorcycle to dinner. But then again, who would ever think it would storm in central Florida on a sunny, summer afternoon. Great reminder that our decision always have consequences. Thanks for a peek inside the male mind sir. Close the curtain again please. 🙂

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